Beyond Heart Mountain: Signed DVD

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The documentary-memoir edition of Beyond Heart Mountain is mainly about the West 17th Street Japanese community history and a general overview of Executive Order 9066 that President Franklin Roosevelt signed that relocated 120,000 Japanese into 10 internment camps, including Heart Mountain in northwest Wyoming.

Upon request, the filmmaker will sign your copy on the wallet and/or disc. This requires opening the package.

I interviewed four childhood friends for the documentary. Robert Walters formerly worked at the City Cafe. He still lives in Cheyenne, where he practices law.

Terie Miyamoto and her family-owned Baker’s Bar. It was the only racially-integrated bar in Cheyenne at the time. She now lives in the Denver Metro area.

Brian Matsuyama now lives in Seattle, Washington. He resided in Cheyenne during his childhood. His family owned the California Fish Market.

Carol Lou Kishiyama-Hough is in Cheyenne. She and her family purchased the Fish Market from the Matsuyamas. The documentary-memoir also aired on Wyoming PBS and is available on DVD.

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  • You'll get a DVD in a four color shrink-wrapped wallet

  • You'll get a DVD in a four color shrink-wrapped wallet
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Beyond Heart Mountain: Signed DVD

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